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Who doesn't like to jump into an imaginary world every once in a while? We do it all the time with video games, movies, music and books. In days gone by, story telling around a diner table, campfire or at a social event used to be a common occurrence. With so much visual stimulation bombarding us all the time, we as a culture have forgotten how much fun creating our own imaginary worlds can be.
Nothing is impossible in an imaginary world. Flowers can talk, people can have special abilities and traveling to another universe is just a blink away. I started this blog to share interactive stories with others and to awaken the imagination in all of us. Together lets create something fun and exciting and for even just a few moments lets escape to a story world.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Will you be in my book?

I love to people watch. In fact, I almost like to be kept waiting for appointments and what not for this very reason. It gives me the opportunity to sit and watch, as people go about their business. When I people watch I imagine. I imagine what kind of life they live, what their hobbies might be and if they are satisfied or just making it by. I love to create characters out of the people I watch by giving them a back story, challenges in their life and a goal to reach.

Who knows, maybe you could be the next inspiration for one of my characters or maybe you will use this method to create your own characters. Either way let the imagination flow.

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