...And she will tell stories where ever she goes.

Who doesn't like to jump into an imaginary world every once in a while? We do it all the time with video games, movies, music and books. In days gone by, story telling around a diner table, campfire or at a social event used to be a common occurrence. With so much visual stimulation bombarding us all the time, we as a culture have forgotten how much fun creating our own imaginary worlds can be.
Nothing is impossible in an imaginary world. Flowers can talk, people can have special abilities and traveling to another universe is just a blink away. I started this blog to share interactive stories with others and to awaken the imagination in all of us. Together lets create something fun and exciting and for even just a few moments lets escape to a story world.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Will you be in my book?

I love to people watch. In fact, I almost like to be kept waiting for appointments and what not for this very reason. It gives me the opportunity to sit and watch, as people go about their business. When I people watch I imagine. I imagine what kind of life they live, what their hobbies might be and if they are satisfied or just making it by. I love to create characters out of the people I watch by giving them a back story, challenges in their life and a goal to reach.

Who knows, maybe you could be the next inspiration for one of my characters or maybe you will use this method to create your own characters. Either way let the imagination flow.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Do you have a Quirk?

Quirky characters are more fun and intriguing to read about than perfect characters. One of the characters in the novel I'm currently working on doesn't like to be touched. She has a personal bubble the size of a room. Lucky for this character she is well respected and people know to give her lots space. Another one of my characters is good with slight of hand and loves throwing out cheesy pick up lines to whoever will listen.

Think about your own quirks... I know I have mine. One quirk that stands out when I think about my self is that I can't kill anything! (Yes even bugs) My friends laugh when I take spiders or ants outside instead of smashing them. I just can't do it! I've learned it's just part of who I am.

What are some quirks you think would be fun to see come alive in a character? Or if you are super brave, what are some of your own quirks?

This is a picture that my 4 year old daughter drew/painted completely upsidedown. Sitting at the top of the page she made her artwork then turned it around and gave it to me. Talk about a quirky kid :) "Picking Apples" by Kait Shipley age 4

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hail the conquering HERO!

What is it about a hero/heroine that makes us a readers, story tellers and imagination addicts, want to dive in a world with them and help them reach their goals? We will spend hour after hour encouraging the protagonist character and even dreaming about them at night.  What helps you relate to them? What keeps you hooked to their ploy? I would enjoy hearing about the hero/heroine of the last story you were engrossed in.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Oh Maya you are so wise

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What makes a good villain?

Everyone loves the protagonist character but what about the villain? It can be super fun to put together the antagonist character. Together let's create a villain. Here are some of the questions you can answer for me to help put this character together.

•What is the villain's name?
•What does our villain look like?
•Is the villain female or male?
•What is the villain's favorite movie?
•What age is the villain?
•Does the villain have a motive?
•What matters most to the villain?
•Does the villain have any special powers?
•What is the villain's weakness?

Give me your answers and we will make a villain worthy of a story.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Continue the Story

Continue the story is a fun, imagination filled activity. The point of continue the story is to read the the story starter I provide and then add up to a paragraph of your own words. The next person continues to add to what is already written until we have a good length story that is created by several authors with different imaginations.  Let the story wheels turn and together let's continue the story. Remember that this page is designed for middle school and high school students as well as adults so please make sure submissions are appropriate :)

The water is up to my chin now. I need to get my hands free or I'm going to drown. "Help!" I scream

the words. Just like the thousand times before, there is no answer. I wriggle my wrists back and forth

against the rope. Did the rope loosen a little or is it my imagination? ... (And now it's your turn to write the next bit)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pearl, Oldsmobile, lavendar

I had to choose Andrea's suggestion of Pearl, Oldsmobile, lavender for the three word challenge. Reading those words made this story pop into my head and out of my fingers in about 20 minutes. Although Chris' suggestion of A piece of blue-green sea glass, an acorn, and a torn love letter caused story cogs to start turning as well. So here is the quickly written Three word challenge story. I hope we can do it again and if anyone would like to take the challenge themselves and write a story using any of the words suggested please feel free to e-mail it to me. It could end up on the blog :) as the whole point of this blog is to share stories encourage imagination and have fun.
Pearl, Oldsmobile, Lavendar
“That?” I stare at the hunk of rusted brown Oldsmobile before me. “That's all I can afford?”