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Who doesn't like to jump into an imaginary world every once in a while? We do it all the time with video games, movies, music and books. In days gone by, story telling around a diner table, campfire or at a social event used to be a common occurrence. With so much visual stimulation bombarding us all the time, we as a culture have forgotten how much fun creating our own imaginary worlds can be.
Nothing is impossible in an imaginary world. Flowers can talk, people can have special abilities and traveling to another universe is just a blink away. I started this blog to share interactive stories with others and to awaken the imagination in all of us. Together lets create something fun and exciting and for even just a few moments lets escape to a story world.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hail the conquering HERO!

What is it about a hero/heroine that makes us a readers, story tellers and imagination addicts, want to dive in a world with them and help them reach their goals? We will spend hour after hour encouraging the protagonist character and even dreaming about them at night.  What helps you relate to them? What keeps you hooked to their ploy? I would enjoy hearing about the hero/heroine of the last story you were engrossed in.

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  1. I love it when the heroine suffers, but in the midst of her suffering, she is brave, noble, and kind. I read a book recently in which the heroine was a kitchen maid under the supervision of this old crone who mistreated her. But the heroine still delighted in the beauty she discovered outdoors, and she was kind to another another young crippled boy servant when he was mistreated. When the heroine has these noble qualities, I want to cheer for her.