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Who doesn't like to jump into an imaginary world every once in a while? We do it all the time with video games, movies, music and books. In days gone by, story telling around a diner table, campfire or at a social event used to be a common occurrence. With so much visual stimulation bombarding us all the time, we as a culture have forgotten how much fun creating our own imaginary worlds can be.
Nothing is impossible in an imaginary world. Flowers can talk, people can have special abilities and traveling to another universe is just a blink away. I started this blog to share interactive stories with others and to awaken the imagination in all of us. Together lets create something fun and exciting and for even just a few moments lets escape to a story world.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What makes a good villain?

Everyone loves the protagonist character but what about the villain? It can be super fun to put together the antagonist character. Together let's create a villain. Here are some of the questions you can answer for me to help put this character together.

•What is the villain's name?
•What does our villain look like?
•Is the villain female or male?
•What is the villain's favorite movie?
•What age is the villain?
•Does the villain have a motive?
•What matters most to the villain?
•Does the villain have any special powers?
•What is the villain's weakness?

Give me your answers and we will make a villain worthy of a story.


  1. I want to borrow your photography ideas book!!!

    SHE loves the smell of fresh baked bread. HER mother was a baker.

    Special powers
    She loves gardening. She has a huge greenhouse and garden in her backyard where she spends much of her time with magical powers to grow giant illuminating veggies. To accomplish this mother nature must trust her!

    Her weakness:
    She fears someone finding out that she killed her former best friend. She is extremely paranoid of this fact. She is actually quite a coward.

    1. What a fun Villain. I like this idea quite a bit :)

  2. •What is the villain's name? Nazario Atellus
    •What does our villain look like? Nazario was once a handsome man, with chiseled features, olive brown skin, striking green eyes, and long dark red hair. Then, an Orc hit him in the face with an axe. The left side of his face is a mangled ruin and he hides it with a green bandana that he ties so it covers that half of his face, or mostly covers it.
    •Is the villain female or male? Nazario is a middle aged man
    •What is the villain's favorite movie? If there were such things in his world… Probably Gladiator because it’s about revenge. I think his motivation is partly revenge…
    •What age is the villain? 40
    •Does the villain have a motive? Perhaps Revenge, at any cost, even the lives of innocents.
    •What matters most to the villain? Remembering
    •Does the villain have any special powers? He is perhaps one of the greatest swordsmen to ever live.
    •What is the villain's weakness? When a girl cries…

    1. Nazario sounds like a villain worth investigating :)

  3. The villain is female, 16 years old, named Anastasia. She's in search of the cure for her disfigured face, lumpy and swollen from coming in contact with a poisonous plant when she was left abandoned in the woods by her aunt and would-be guardian. Anastasia wears a large hood over her head, pulled down over her face to hide it (I really like your photo!). In exchange for the promised cure, she's agreed to serve as assistant to an evil wizard, who thinks nothing of the harm he causes others. At first, Anastasia tries to convince herself that the cure is worth whatever the cost. But inwardly she's conflicted, until ultimately she chooses to run away from the wizard, even if she must stay disfigured for the rest of her life. In the end, she finds the cure by chance somehow, as a result of fleeing from the wizard-- sort of fate's reward for choosing what's right. I like a sympathetic villain.

  4. I'm not good at creating villains, but here goes:

    What is the villain's name? Vespasian
    What does our villain look like? Vespasian is medium height, mid forties with a scar across his nose and right cheek
    Is the villain female or male? He's male
    What is the villain's favorite movie? He doesn't have movies, but he would love any movie like Van Helsing where the hero is the righteous crusader against the forces of Evil
    What age is the villain? Mid-forties
    Does the villain have a motive? He believes he is doing the right thing and protecting people
    What matters most to the villain? Killing the hero who he believes is responsible for great evil
    Does the villain have any special powers? He can step through the cracks into the other world
    What is the villain's weakness? He's arrogant

    1. Step through cracks into other worlds huh? That sounds intriguing!